Water Hop
Gameplay of Water Hop
Timed? Yes
Description Tap on the left to hop, or right to double-hop! Don't fall in the water!

Water Hop is one of the games to play in Pou. In this game, the player must tap the screen for Pou to jump from the floats.


To play this game, the player must tap left for Pou to jump one space and tap right for Pou to jump two spaces. The player collects coins and can gain extra time if they collect the time increase items. If Pou falls into the water, the game ends.


Achievement Reward
Reach 100 meters in Water Hop 50 coins
Reach 200 meters in Water Hop 100 coins
Reach 300 meters in Water Hop 150 coins
Reach 400 meters in Water Hop 200 coins
Reach 500 meters in Water Hop 250 coins


  • This game shares the same music with Sky Hop

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