Star Popper
Timed? No
Description Shoot Pou to pop all Pous! Don't run out of space to shoot!

Star Popper is a game in Pou.


The player has a colored Pou to launch at the huge blob of Pous in the center. Each time a colored Pou touches other similar colored Pous, they disappear. This makes the circle of Pous rotate. Each time a Pou misses the circle of Pous, points are deducted from the players' score.

More colors are added as the player progresses. If the Pous touch the sides of the screen, the game ends.


Achievement Reward
Score 600 points in Star Popper 50 coins
Score 1200 points in Star Popper 100 coins
Score 2200 points in Star Popper 150 coins
Score 3600 points in Star Popper 200 coins
Score 7200 points in Star Popper 250 coins


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