Sky Jump
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Pou in the underground stage.
Timed? No
Description How high can Pou reach? Try to jump on as many platforms without falling!

Sky Jump is a game in Pou


In the beginning, Pou starts from the underground level, then rises to the surface of Earth, the sky and even outer space.

The main point is to jump from platform to platform by tilting the device. The player can move to the edge of the screen and perform a screen warp, which is when Pou "warps" from one side of the screen to the other. For example, if the player allows Pou to "warp" through the screen on the right side, Pou will appear on the left side of the screen.

If Pou falls to the bottom of the screen, the game ends. 


Underground - the first level of Sky Jump.

Sky 1 - where cloud platforms are first found.

Sky 2 - where airplane platforms are first found.

Space - where jet plane platforms are first found.

Heaven - the level where all the platforms are clouds.


Underground platform - only found in the underground level

Earth platform - can be found from the earth surface to space (the most dominant platform in that range)

Airplanes - can only be found in the atmosphere near space (never stationary)

Jet planes - can only be found in space; They usually move faster than the airplanes which can cause confusion (never stationary)

Clouds - platforms that disappear once hopped on once; can be found from Sky1 to heaven; This is the only type of platform found in Heaven.

Special Items


Umbrellas - slows down your jump or fall

Springs - can reach you to great heights; It can increase your score but you need to keep an eye on the next platform or you'll fall


Achievement Reward
Reach 50 meters in Sky Jump 50 coins
Reach 100 meters in Sky Jump 100 coins
Reach 250 meters in Sky Jump 150 coins
Reach 500 meters in Sky Jump 200 coins

Reach 1000 meters in Sky Jump

250 coins

Reach 2000 meters in Sky Jump

300 coins


  • Sky jump is similar to the game Doodle Jump.
  • It is one of the first games added in Pou.