Timed? Yes
Description Match all pairs of cards before the time runs out!

Memory is a game in Pou.


Like a classic game of memory, the cards are flipped over (so the pictures show) before the game starts. The player must quickly memorize where the matches are before the cards are flipped back over. Then, they tap the cards to reveal a picture. Tapping another card shows the next picture. If the two match, they stay unturned and the player earns coins. If they are not a match, they flip back over.

As the game progresses, more cards are added to the mix.


Achievement Reward
Score 1500 points in Memory 50 coins
Score 3000 points in Memory 100 coins
Score 4500 points in Memory 150 coins
Score 6000 points in Memory 200 coins
Score 8000 points in Memory. 250 coins

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