Game Room
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Level Unknown
Location Pou's House
Inhabitants Pou
The Game Room is the room for games. This room is used to fill Pou's happiness meter, as well as for the player's pleasure with a wide range of minigames they can play. The minigames fills up the meter extremely rapidly too, as well as a main source of coins.

What's In There?

To the right, there is the shop button, as usual, to the left is the games button, which accesses the many games Pou can play. There is a ball in the middle to fill up Pou's happiness in a way other than playing games, such as when Pou is too tired to play.


There is a wide range of minigames in the Game Room. As Zakeh updates extremely often, the list of minigames is getting bigger.

List of Games

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