Food Drop
Pou Food Drop
Gameplay of Food Drop
Timed? No
Description Feed Pou! Careful not to miss or feed it bad things!

Food Drop is a game in Pou.


Drag Pou around the bottom of the screen to where the food is going to fall. If you tap a specific area, Pou will "teleport" to that spot. Eating "bad things" (sneakers, CDs, horseshoes and airplane toys) or missing eight food items will end the game.


Achievement Reward
Eat 50 foods in Food Drop 50 coins
Eat 100 foods in Food Drop 100 coins
Eat 250 foods in Food Drop 150 coins
Eat 500 foods in Food Drop 200 coins
Eat 1000 foods in Food Drop 250 coins


  • This game, like Cliff Jump, speeds up as you progress.
  • "Teleporting" (mentioned above) is very useful as the game speeds up. It is also useful for dodging bad things.
  • The food Pou eats does not fill up the food meter, as the food is only used for fun.
  • Every 3 food items you eat earn you 1 coin.

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