Cliff Dash
Timed? No
Description Swipe your finger to go up or down! Don't fall or hit anything!

Cliff Dash is a game to play in Pou. It is one of the few games that involve the skateboard.


As Pou speeds by on his skateboard, the player must swipe their finger to avoid the obstacles, like rocks and hay bales. Coins can be gathered as Pou skates along. If the player hits an object or falls, the game ends.


Achievement Reward
Reach 200 meters in Cliff Dash 50 coins
Reach 400 meters in Cliff Dash 100 coins
Reach 600 meters in Cliff Dash 150 coins
Reach 800 meters in Cliff Dash 200 coins
Reach 1000 meters in Cliff Dash 250 coins

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