Vital statistics
Type Room
Level Already unlocked
Location Pou's House
Inhabitants Pou, Poos
The Bathroom is a room in Pou's house. When Pou is dirty, you can come here to clean him. Small poos appear in this room when Pou hasn't been washed.

What's In There?

There is a shower, soap and shop going from left to right along the bottom.

  • Shower - This is used to wash soap off Pou. When dragged about the screen, water droplets fall from the head if soap is present. The drips must fall over the soap to wash it off. You will get coins for washing Pou when it's dirty!
  • Soap - Dragging the soap over Pou creates bubbles. If Pou is dirty, this will clean him.
  • Shop - Players can buy and edit the colors of the shower and soap here as well as buying the other items in the indoor shop.


  • The bathroom used to be combined with the Lab.

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